Husqvarna Pilen Motorcycle Helmet

Husqvarna’s newly-released Vitpilen motorcycles are a modern and sleek breath of fresh air – the kind of bikes we’d happily ride every day. But, if you’re going to get a good-looking 2-wheeler, you’ll probably want some gear to match. Thankfully, the brand thought about that too and have released their matching Pilen motorcycle helmet.

What you might first notice about this helmet is that it comes with a goggle-style visor, rather than a fold-down like many other similar helmets – which, besides a styling difference, offers a more secure and wind-resistant fit around your eyes without inhibiting ventilation to the rest of the helmet. The visor is also scratch resistant, has a quick-change format for varying weather conditions, and fits nicely over glasses. And this 100% fiberglass helmet also features a secure Microlock chinstrap closing mechanism to keep the whole thing fastened to your head. There’s not word yet on price, but you can sign up for availability notifications on the brand’s site.

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