Husqvarna DXR Remote Demolition Robots

While it certainly looks cool from an outside perspective, demolition jobs are hard, dangerous work. In fact, sometimes it’s too time-consuming and/or risky to send in people to get the work handled. But the work still has to get done, which is why Husqvarna, the famed tool brand, has released their line of DXR Remote Demolition Robots.

As you might gather from their name, these destruction droids are unmanned remote-controlled jobsite tools built to take down buildings. And while they come in several varieties, they all have a few things in common: a 15-foot hydraulic arm, tank-style treads for getting around, and four stabilizing legs for when they need to anchor for destructive purposes. They can be used to shear metal, crush concrete, chisel cement, and a number of other construction/demolition-focused tasks. As long as there’s a power supply, the DXRs will get the job done. Prices start around $132,000.

Purchase: $132,000+