Husqvarna 256 ‘Thage’ by 6/5/4 Motors

All Photos: JohannesHelje

As far as their dirt bikes are concerned, Husqvarna is known mostly for the Cross 400, however, there’s a lesser known military-issued version, the 256, that’s coveted by the few of those who are fortunate enough to ride or own one. Such is the case for Johan Nordin of Swedish-based 6/5/4 Motors, who was lucky enough to get his hands on one courtesy of an old-timer and former rider.

At first glance, it’s quite obvious what Johan did to the bike. Yes, those are in fact skis, and their operating system is quite interesting, to say the least. You’re required to push them down with your feet, meaning they automatically spring up if not kept down by the weight of a foot. That being said, this naturally makes changing gears a bit tricky, so Johan installed a hand lever that attaches to the gear lever to facilitate the shift. He also took the liberty of painting the bike black, added some new fenders, some longer shocks, drum brakes and Maxxis knobby tires. The finished build, dubbed “Thage” after Johan’s father, now looks ready to tackle everything from the dirt to the ice and snow at a moment’s notice. [H/T: Bike Exif]