Hush Smart Earplugs

It was only a matter of time before earplugs got the “smart” treatment, and that time has come. Meet Hush, the world’s first smart earplugs.

If you’re anything like us, your first thought might be, “Why in the world would I want smart earplugs?” Good question. For as long as we can remember, earplugs have been used for blocking out all sounds, including ones we may actually want to hear. For instance you may want to wear earplugs when you sleep, but how will you hear your alarm when it’s time to get up? That’s where Hush comes into play. These plugs connect wirelessly to your smartphone, and give you the ability to choose what alerts you want to hear through your phone, from notifications to alarms. And if you ever misplace your Hush plugs, your smartphone can help track them down for you. The San Diego based company is currently crowdsourcing funds through Kickstarter, but they’ve already crushed their $100,000 goal. [Purchase]

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