Hunter’s Camouflage Party Cups

Swigging a sip from a red Solo cup while staking out your big game in the woods is not only uncouth, but the bright red will probably also get you spotted by an already jittery caribou. Hunter’s Camo Party Cups will disguise your drink, just in case any forest creatures get a hankering for human refreshment.

Constructed of heavy-duty melamine, these cups promise to be nearly indestructible. That’s good, so when your buddy scares off an 8-point buck, your cup won’t break when it ricochets off his dense skull. With bright orange on the inside and a camouflage design on the outer walls, they might look goofy at home, but they’ll be perfect in the brush. Each 13 oz. cup in the set of six is dishwasher safe. [Purchase]