Humvee C-Series

We’ve seen a lot of ruggedized SUVs over the years, but it’s hard to think of any that quite compare to the monstrous original Hummer H1 – or, as it is called in its military form, the Humvee. We’re talking about a vehicle whose first commercially available example was sold to none other than Commando himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, the subsequent models (the H2 and H3) just couldn’t replicate the quality of the original and, eventually, the brand died off – until now.

Production has started on a new line of Humvees, called the C-Series, that are closely modeled after the original 1992 version. They’re available in three trims (aptly named Bravo, Charlie, and Delta), with options such as soft or hard doors; a cloth, vinyl, or leather interior; a 12,000# WARN winch; and your choice of four different colors. There’s also four different engines available: three 6.5L diesel options with a range of 190-250 horsepower, and one 6.2L V8 gas option with 430 hp. Unfortunately, the two companies responsible for this revival (VLF Automotive and Humvee Exports) are, as of now, only offering it to the Chinese market.

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