These Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Live Translate Group Discussions

Originally unveiled back in 2016 as a concept, the Human Headphones were an ambitious project we weren’t sure would ever see the light of day. Much to our surprise, however, they’re now back and loaded with more tech than ever before.

The revolutionary design combines the best parts of earbuds — namely their compact portability — with the immersive sound of over-ear headphones. They get an impressive nine hours of straight operation per charge, have dual 30mm dynamic drivers that pack quite a punch, and a Bluetooth range of 100+ feet. Better still, they’re also loaded with helpful tech — like a suite of live translation software that works for up to 11 languages and can even translate groups of people, not just individuals. They even have a speaker mode, where they can perform all their normal functions but projected aloud for all in the vicinity to hear. Best of all, they’re available to purchase for $399 a pair.

Purchase: $399