Human Sound Smart Headphones

There are dozens of companies who either already have or are working on releasing a pair of wireless headphones or earbuds. But, to be honest, they basically all look and function basically the same. Over-ear phones are unwieldy and come equipped with a bulky headband, whereas their bud-style brethren are dainty and need be shoved directly into your ear canal. While you could likely be decently happy with one or the other, you’d be limited by your choice. And it didn’t seem like anyone was trying to bridge the gap between the two – until now.

Human, Inc. has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their pair of wireless smart headphones, which they have appropriately dubbed Sound. These uniquely shaped devices strike the perfect balance between movement-friendly earbuds and their more comfortable over-ear counterparts, but they also have a vast number of other impressive features. For example, their button-free interface works via a series of natural human movements to play, pause, skip, and toggle volume. They also feature ambient noise control, so you can decide the level of exterior sound cancellation – or, when off your ears, they can work together as a single portable speaker. They also feature onboard translation software, biometric monitoring, 12 hours of battery life, and the list goes on and on. These comfortable hyper-advanced wireless headphones will retail for $400. [Purchase]

Human Inc Sound Wireless Headphones 01

Human Inc Sound Wireless Headphones 02

Human Inc Sound Wireless Headphones 03