Hultafors x Hults Bruk Ovako Axe Collection

If there’s anybody that knows how to make a good woodcutting tool, it’s the Swedes. So when two long-time Swedish brands team up on said tools, it’s definitely something worth checking out. And that’s exactly the case with this axe collection by Hultafors and Hults Bruk.

Hand-forged from steel that’s struck 40-60 times to increase density and durability, each of these axes and hatches go through a rigorous creation process before they’re mated to top-quality linseed oil-treated American hickory handles. And each one comes pre-sharpened, polished, and paired with a full-grain leather sheath. Available in numerous styles that range from a mini hatchet, to a splitting axe, to a throwing axe, and more – these are some top-tier choppers from the people that do them best. Prices start at around $170.

Purchase: $170+