Hudson Bay Camp Axe Collection

There are two kinds of outdoorsmen: new world and old world. New world outdoorsmen marry modern tech with natural surroundings. Old world outdoorsmen resist the conveniences of modern day, getting in touch with trades of the past. Sanborn Canoe Co. falls into the latter of these two categories, with an emphasis on voyager outerwear and transportation from days long ago. And their Hudson Bay Camp Axe Collection is no different.

Sanborn founder and owner Zak Fellman looked to create a unique axe that pays tribute to the fur-trapping, canoe-cruising days of the frontier. In doing so, he crafted each axe handle out of pure hickory and made sure that each wood burned feather or tree design was hand drawn. To top it all off, each handle is capped with a USA-made 5160 steel axe head. The collection represents the liveliness of the great outdoors and reminds those who carry one of a time when all you had were your hands, mind and spirit to get you through the day. Prices start at $165. [Purchase]