Proof’s ‘Stealth Down’ Collection Was Created To Keep You Off The Radar

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Down jackets can be a godsend during the winter months, but many of today’s most notable variants are large, overbearing, and weighty. Luckily, Proof had the foresight to design a garment that would keep you insulated and warm during a cold streak, without having to worry about standing out like a sore thumb.

The brand’s Stealth Down Collection features a trio of simplistic, espionage-savvy pieces that have been designed to maintain a low profile. Instead of the attention-grabbing silhouettes of their larger counterparts, Proof’s Hoodie, Popover, and Vest bring wearers a seamless stretch fabric, a Durable Water Repellent (DWR)/wind-proof finish, and a subdued, utilitarian design, helping them to stay off the radar. Thanks to their mid-weight quilt, you’ll be able to layer them to your heart’s content, pair them with your high-priority garments, and utilize them year-round, making each piece a viable investment for adaptable use. Head to Huckberry’s website — where the collection starts at $148 — to pick up your favorite variant.

Purchase: $148+