Proof’s Moonweight Series Apparel Utilizes Graphene for Ultralight Warmth

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One of the main challenges in trying to keep warm in cold weather is doing so without turning yourself into a puffy, unmanageable monster. This problem becomes even more glaring if you’re packing for a cold-weather trip, as down puffer jackets don’t exactly make for the sveltest of suitcase inhabitants. Proof was definitely thinking of these issues when the Huckberry house brand came up with their latest outerwear collection, the Moonweight Series.

The Moonweight Series derives its name from the absurd lightness of its garments, as Proof considers the feeling of wearing them akin to the buoyant effect of the moon’s lower gravity. There are three pieces in the collection — the Moonweight Shirt Jacket, Moonweight Hoodie, and Moonweight Vest — to suit your different outerwear needs. All three pieces boast an infusion of graphene — the ultra-light carbon material known for its insulative properties and odor resistance — in both their shell and fill. The shells are 100% graphene-infused DWR-coated nylon that’s designed to keep rain out and keep your jacket dry, while the 100% poly insulation has been dusted with even more graphene. The result is three outer-layer pieces that are warm while being extremely light and packable.

All three pieces are available in a futureproof dark blue “Carbon” color that’s at home in the city or country. The entire Proof Moonweight Series is available now exclusively from Huckberry, with prices ranging from $138 for the Vest to $198 for the Hoodie

Purchase: $138+