Hublot Enlarges Its MECA-10 Watch Movement To Craft A Striking Mantle Clock

In early 2016, Hublot made waves in the horological world with the debut of its Big Bang MECA-10 watch thanks to the timepieces game-changing manual movement. And after several years of success with the wrist-worn MECA-10, the elite Swiss outfit has now revealed an accompanying MECA-10 Clock.

Measuring 69.8mm thick and 134.6mm in diameter, the new mantle clock can best be described as an oversized version of the original watch. A skeleton face sports sand-blasted steel hands, White Luminescent lighting, and a Rhodium-plated escapement, while underneath lies a wildly elaborate 432-component manual movement with a whopping 10-day power reserve and 52 jewels. To bring this ambitious mantle clock to life, Hublot called on fellow elite Swiss horological outfit, L’Epée, to craft the top-shelf clock. Made of high-end, satin-finished and polished stainless steel, the MECA-10 Clock is offered in bare metal and black PVD coated versions. Available now, the Hublot MECA-10 Clock starts at $47,400 for the bare metal (reference: DC.MECA10.SX.SP.1123) version and goes up to $50,000 for the PVD-coated (reference: DC.MECA10.SD.SP.1123) version.

Purchase: $47,400+