HubblePhone Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone

Smartphones continue to evolve and the latest concept from Turing Robotics looks insane. Crowned with the name HubblePhone, this incredible device looks like something from the future, even with all the tech we already have on our smartphones.

Turing Robotics has tried to launch a smartphone before, but failed to follow through; however, they seem to have some fight in them, as they’ve come up with the HubblePhone, boasting a multi-screen, a folding arm and multiple cameras. The camera at the top of the device is proposed to have an impressive 15x optical zoom, which is quite rare for a smartphone. It’s also set to run two Snapdragon 855 chipsets, as well as use augmented reality, virtually reality and mixed reality for a unique gaming experience. If everything works out for Turing Robotics, this 5G smartphone will be on deck starting June 2020. We’re definitely rooting for them to deliver.

Purchase: $2,750