Huback USB Hub for iMac

We certainly wouldn’t call Apple’s choice to equip the iMac with USB ports in the back a design flaw, but we would like the option to hook our devices up without scratching up the back of the iMac. And that’s exactly what the Huback was created to do.

BlueLounge introduced their Jimi earlier in the year, but what if you want more than just one front-facing USB device? You’ll need Huback. The USB hub has been outfitted with four easily accessible 3.0 USB ports, meaning you’ll never have to spin your monitor around for thumb drives and iPhones again. This product hooks right into a single USB port out back, and extends forward to make your life a little easier. The Huback was first conceived over a year and a half ago, and since then the design team has been working tirelessly to bring the finished product to market. Check out the video below. [Purchase]

Huback USB Hub for iMac 1

Huback USB Hub for iMac 2

Huback USB Hub for iMac 4