Virtual reality is the new frontier when it comes to home entertainment and video games. And with the space increasing exponentially, brands are having to stay on their toes to remain relevant in the booming industry. One such brand, HTC, has taken a big step forward and cemented themselves amongst the best with their new VIVE Pro HMD VR headset.

An upgrade to their base VIVE VR rig, the Pro HMD is a separately purchasable headset – so if you already own VIVE controllers, the base station, and a wireless adaptor, you don’t have to buy the whole kit over. What you do get with this new headgear, however, is a whopping 2880×1600 HD resolution with dazzling colors and clarity, better padding to block out more light and increase comfort during use, and integrated 3D spacial sound for completely immersive audio. You don’t even have to worry about banging into your furniture, as they’ve even included a digital space mapping technology that keeps you informed of objects in your real-world surroundings. This super advanced VR headset can be yours for $799.

Purchase: $799