HTC U11 Smartphone

Smartphone releases, for the most part, are snoozefests. Compared to the early releases of the iPhone, everything feels like a small, incremental change rather than a big, life-changing one. (Cry me a river, we know). A new, more crisp screen? A button that isn’t actually button? …cool? With that being said, we are actually pretty impressed by the HTC U11.

The top-line feature on this newly announced smartphone is its brand new proprietary Edge Sense tech. This allows users to interact with the phone in a bunch of different ways simply by squeezing it. For example, imagine you’re trying to take a photo with you and your friends; instead of having to precariously reach to tap the shutter button with your free finger, you can simply apply pressure around the outside of the phone and it will snap the photo. We’re not sure how makers of phone cases will deal with this, but it really is an interesting capability. Of course, there is more where that came from. The phone has a 3D liquid glass surface, active noise cancellation, and a top tier camera with a wide range of shooting capabilities.

Purchase: $650