Hribarcain Omni Damascus Pocket Knife

The legendary katana was born in the 14 century and designed to cut the enemy in a single swift movement. Inspired by the deadly katana, Hribarcain built the Omi Pocket Knife with the same Damascus steel used to forge the samurai sword.

The open face design of the Omni knife allows the swirling elegance of the blade to be displayed at all times. Past its charming looks, it has a durable, aircraft-grade aluminum body with a push-release o-ring for maximum efficiency. You can use the water-resistant pocket knife to strike a fire starter, open bottles, and cut through thick material with ease thanks to the Damascus blade that’s fives times stronger than common steel blades. In case you’re not convinced, the Omni Pocket Knife comes with a lifetime warranty. Back the project now and get your mini keychain Katana in January.

Kickstarter: $50