At Just 18.7LBS, The HPS Domestique 1-21 Is The Lightest E-Bike In The World

Cycling is a sport in which races are decided by seconds at a time, with last-ditch bike throws being the difference between a podium finish and a position amongst the pack. As such, riders will do everything they can to get an edge on their opponents, because even a few extra grams here and there can put you at a competitive disadvantage.

Even despite their extra oomph, electric bikes have long been too heavy to stand a chance against their unassisted alternatives. At least, they were until the launch of the HPS Domestique, the lightest e-bike in the world. Coming in at just 18.7lbs (8.5kg), it’s comparable to most featherweight race rides. However, thanks to its F1-engineered Watt Assist Pro motor, it’s good for as much as 230W of peak power, 20Nm of torque, and up to three hours of pedal assistance. Controlled by a pair of buttons integrated into the bike’s bartape, the system is even compatible with most GPS computers. Add to that a wide-ranging Campagnolo Ekar 1x drivetrain and a Deda Elemnti finishing kit, and you have a combination that can’t be beaten. Limited to just 21 units, you can pre-order the Launch Edition for $14,500.

Purchase: $14,500