HP Z Virtual Reality Backpack PC

Though once viewed as a passing fad, it’s become pretty clear that virtual reality is here to stay. That’s especially true now, thanks to it’s inclusion into not just the playing of video games, but in their creation, as well. It also seems that this tech is going to make its way into other industries that can benefit from the “hands-on” 3D modeling offered in VR. And that benefit of the tech that has just taken another leap forward with the introduction of HP’s new Z VR Backpack PC.

The most powerful wearable virtual reality PC ever built, the Z is an incredible machine capable of amazing things – thanks in part to its tether-free battery-carrying mesh backpack design that weighs in at just 10 pounds. But the format wouldn’t be anything without some impressive tech to back it up, like its NVIDIA Quadro P5200 GPU with 16 GB of memory, a Intel Core i7 vPro processor, and 32 gigs of dual-channel RAM. It even comes with hot-swappable batteries, which can be changed out on the fly, and a dock that will let you plug the PC in and use it like a normal desktop. When it comes out, this computer could very well be a big-time game changer.

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