Hoversurf Hoverbike S3

Imagine zooming through Endor on a Star Wars speeder bike, surfing the wind as your heart pounds from excitement. If you invest in Hoversurf’s Hoverbike and take it to Del Norte County California (where the Endor scene was filmed), you can live out your childhood dream.

The Hoverbike is an all-electric, four-rotor flying vehicle, utilizing various types of carbon fiber technology. Its entire frame is constructed from a single element, reducing its weight compared to Hoversurf’s previous aluminum model. Using the anatomical, adjustable leather joysticks, you’ll have full control of your flight experience. Powering the Hoverbike is a hybrid battery with a capacity of 12.3 kWh, allowing you up to 40 minutes of flight, depending on weight and weather conditions. According to Hoversurf, the Hoverbike has a range of 13 miles with a top speed of about 40mph on a fully charged battery, which takes two and a half hours to top off. And, you don’t need a pilot’s license, but you would benefit from some lessons before speeding into the sky. You can place a $10,000 deposit for a Hoverbike now.

Purchase: $150,000