Hovercraft Golf Cart by Bubba Watson

Hovercraft Golf Craft by Bubba Watson

Hovercraft Golf Craft by Bubba WatsonGolf carts are great and all, but their lack of off roading capabilities has always bothered us. Apparently we aren’t the only ones either. Professional golfer Bubba Watson has unveiled his multi terrain Hovercraft Golf Cart.

Of course Bubba didn’t go at it alone. In fact he teamed up with the designers at Oakley to design this amazing piece of machinery. Normal golf carts have to stay 30 yards from the green, stay on the cart path when it’s raining…just way too many rules for our liking. The BW1 prototype uses a lot of the existing pieces from your standard golf cart, only it takes you through sand traps, water, in and out of the woods, all without leaving absolutely no trace on the green. You really have to see this thing in action to get behind it. Check out the video of Hovercraft Golf Craft below.