This Innovative Cycling Airbag Inflates In 0.1 Second To Protect Your Skull

Cycling helmets are a necessity, especially if you’re into tackling rough terrain with your two-wheeler. However, helmets can be a nuisance and restrict the liberating feeling of the wind blowing through your hair. With the Hovding 3 Airbag Helmet, you’ll get ample protection for your brain while enjoying the freedom from the restricting factors of an old school skull protector.

The Hovding 3 Airbag Helmet is worn around your neck like a collar and inflates instantly to protect your dome in the event of a crash. According to Hovding, their third generation Airbag Helmet is 8x safer than a standard bicycle helmet. The device registers your movements 200 times per second, and if you take a spill the collar inflates in 0.1 seconds, protecting your neck and head. After two hours of charging, your airbag helmet is dependable for a solid 15 hours of adventurous cycling. And it features an adjustment wheel, which wasn’t featured in the previous iteration, and smartphone connectivity, allowing the helmet to call an emergency contact. Grab the Hovding 3 Airbag Helmet today for $329.

Purchase: $329