Houseplant Expands Its Lighting with an Attractive Lantern and Desk Lamp

With their lifestyle company, Houseplant, Hollywood heavyweights Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg strive to redefine the pot smoker stereotype. The brand’s range of design-forward ashtrays and accent pieces is fulfilling a need for sophistication that truthfully hadn’t existed within the subculture’s sphere before the brand’s launch back in 2019.

Following the release of its Strut Lamp a few months ago, Houseplant has now expanded its lighting products for the first time with the addition of the Stack Lantern and the Marble Weight Lamp. The latter is a classier version of the Strut, with similar features, such as the built-in removable anodized ashtray in the base for easy cleaning and the 3,000k LED bulb. While the Strut also features a marble base, the one on the Weight lamp is slightly smaller. And where its predecessor had more of a contemporary flair, this new desk lamp echoes mid-century sensibilities with a domed shade and the weight on the arm that moves it up and down.

Where the Weight Lamp is architecturally informed, the Stack Lantern serves more utility, yet with a stylistic touch. Available in olive green and mint, the Stack is made for the outdoors, whether you’re camping or going for a walk in the woods, with a bridle leather handle for carrying or hanging and a funnel ashtray built into the top to ensure that no roaches get left behind. Perfect for setting the mood with its adjustable dimmer, the lantern also serves as a USB charger, with 15 hours of battery life.

What’s notable about Houseplant’s lighting collection is how accessible it is to non-smokers as well. The ashtray can double as a key holder or trinket dish and the lantern can be used as a small storage space on the go. The Marble Weight Lamp and the Stack Lantern are now available on Houseplant’s website for $450 and $275, respectively.

Purchase: $275+

Photo: Houseplant
Photo: Houseplant