Hot Wheels Scales Up For The Holidays With Its Life-Size ‘Ultimate Drive-Thru’

Many an auto enthusiast’s high-octane obsession can be traced back to the Hot Wheels collections of their childhood. From realistic replicas to off-the-walls originals, those little die-cast models were much more than mere playthings; they were vehicles capable of impossible feats, be they daredevil drifts or jaw-dropping jumps. For cars that fit in the palm of our hands, they felt larger than life. Well, now Hot Wheels is making every little boy’s dream a reality.

In an effort to create a safe, family-friendly experience, Hot Wheels will be holding its “Ultimate Drive-Thru” from December 3rd to January 3rd in Ontario, California. Stretched over the course of a mile-long trail at the Toyota Arena parking lot, it’s set to feature an assortment of 50 different life-size die-cast cars and trucks. Among the more notable cars to make an appearance will be Hot Wheels Hall of Fame legends such as Twin Mill, Loop Coupe, and even Bone Shaker. But that’s not all — joining the cars will be a jam-packed monster truck lineup full of familiar favorites, including the one and only Bigfoot. Topped off with eye-catching light tunnels and a 4-story Megasauras, and the result is an immersive experience for everyone.

Purchase: $45+