Hot Wheels Turned Tesla’s Cybertruck Into A 1:10-Scale AWD R/C Car

Though the unveiling didn’t quite go as planned, Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck still shook the automotive world to its core. In the wake of that big reveal, we’ve seen numerous projects inspired by the angular auto. But the coolest one so far might just be the official Hot Wheels 1:10 R/C Cybertruck you see before you.

A limited-edition offering, this tiny remote-controlled titan is limited to just 400 examples. And with its list of features, we imagine it won’t stay on the shelves for long. That includes an all-wheel-drive system with two selectable driving modes, a functional tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp, a removable body to access the interior and electrics, and there’s even a tongue-in-cheek broken window decal to round it all out. The 1:10 Cybertruck is going to run for $400 each, but the brand is also releasing a much smaller R/C 1:64-scale version for just $20 alongside it.

Purchase: $400