Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary 1968 Original Collection

Since they debuted in 1968, Hot Wheels cars have been the staple of American playtime, along the likes of LEGOs and Nerf weaponry. For many, the childhood rapture felt from picking up those die-cast cars – emulating their motor’s rev with flapping lips, hand-animating their passage from floor to wall to tabletops – extended to adulthood. Collectors seek out the rare and vintage Hot Wheels that colored their youths. In celebration of their 50th year, Hot Wheels is releasing a collection of five original cars from the company’s launch.

The ’67 Camaro, Custom ’67 Mustang, ’68 Cougar, ’67 Hemi Barracuda, and Volkswagen Beetle comprise the collection of miniature classic cars. The models are all pigmented with the “Spectraflame” candy metallic paint that made Hot Wheels sparkle, and gave them a flare in comparison to the comparatively drab “real life” Matchbox cars with which they were competing. Along with their signature redline tires, and original packaging, these Hot wheels are perfect retro recreations. The cars will go on sale on May 18, priced at $5.49 each. If you want one, be prepared to strike fast. These cars’ high collectibility guarantees that when they roll out, they will be hot items.

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