Horween Leather Apple Watch Strap by Nomad

Just because our watches are so advanced that they can tell you the score of a ball game as well as they can tell you your own heart rate doesn’t mean that we should totally buck the conventions that timepieces have established over the past century or so. For lovers of the aesthetics of old wrist watches, this Horween leather strap from Nomad is the perfect add-on to your Apple Watch.

Made with leather sourced from the oldest tannery in Chicago sewn together with a quality Fil Au Chinois pre-stretched beeswax thread for a rugged hold, these straps communicate a storied look as they develop a unique patina over time. For increased durability over a long period of time the straps come along with a custom 316 stainless steel buckle for tightening down the watch, and lugs that can attach on to any sized Apple Watch. Prices for these are $150. [Purchase]

Horween Leather Apple Watch Strap 4

Horween Leather Apple Watch Strap 5

Horween Leather Apple Watch Strap