This Tiny Titanium Morphing Knife Is The EDC Blade Of The Future

Folding knives, as we know them today, have been around for more than a century — and most of them (with small variations here and there) function in pretty much the same manner. But it looks like a new category of morphing knives is starting to emerge, first with CRKT’s Provoke Karambit and now the more pocket-friendly LYRA.

Hinging on the same functional concept as the Provoke, the LYRA is a knife that doesn’t fold, per se. Rather, it collapses in on itself with a complex deployment system that’s both safer than traditional knife deployments and mesmerizing to behold. The second morphing blade from Horizon Knives, the LYRA is also constructed with a stout 1.5″ D2 steel Wharncliffe blade but has a 3.2″ handle when deployed for a full four-finger grip. Yet it still manages to collapse down to just 2″ in total — making it perfect for both pocket and keychain carry. Utilitarian in its functionality and fascinating in its design, the LYRA might just be the folder of the future. The project is available on Kickstarter now with a starting price of $79.

Kickstarter: $79+