The Horizn ONE Is The World’s First Carry-On For Space Tourism

Once an unfathomable concept found in sci-fi movies, space tourism is an emerging industry that looks to take people into the stars. With plans for commercial flights to the moon, regular travel bags won’t suffice, which is why Horizn Studios designed the Horizn ONE Space Luggage.

Engineered in collaboration with the world’s youngest astronaut, Alyssa Carson, this smart space luggage is a concept meant to handle trips outside our atmosphere. The carry-on-sized bag is made from graphene-enhanced carbon fibers for flexibility and lightweight durability and has an electromagnetic base, so it can attach itself to the walls or floor in zero gravity. It also features a smart screen, graphene supercapacitors, and an inductive charging field for exceptional energy storage and wireless charging capabilities. And the completely foldable luggage has a vacuum function for convenient storage, as well as a silver-ion enhanced compartment with bacteriostatic technology to neutralize germs and odor on your NASA space-traveling threads. The Horizn ONE Space Luggage will cost over $50,000 once it’s finally released.

Purchase: $50,000