Hopsy HomeTap

Why bother with bottles and cans when you have the Hopsy Hometap? The personalized beer dispenser not only keeps your beer cold and carbonated but at the ready whenever the thirst returns. Protect your beer from air and light damage, exercise temperature control and freshness, and fit the entire device in your fridge for safe-keeping.

Hopsy has access to multiple prominent breweries that offer a variety of freshly-brewed beers that are delivered right to your doorstep. Choose any one (or several) styles offered from stouts to ambers to wheat beers to IPAs. Each beer is delivered in specifically-designed Hopsy containers making it easy to load the beer into the dispenser. Once locked in place, all you need to do is chill the beer and you’re ready to start enjoying fresh craft beer at any time. The HomeTap ensures a perfect pour every time, the unique design of the bottles prevents damage to the beer, and the whole dispenser has an energy label A+ rating ensuring energy efficiency and low operating costs. Time to move on from bottles and step up your consumption game with the Hopsy Hometap. Prices start at $150. [Purchase]

Hopsy HomeTap 7

Hopsy HomeTap 8