Hoop Tracker Basketball Performance Smart Watch

Hoop Tracker Basketball Smart Watch 1
Smart watch announcements and concepts are a dime a dozen these days, but we’re not all that interested in a watch that can let us update our Facebook status. The Hoop Tracker however, is a smart watch concept that we find completely awesome.

While we might be a bit too old to make our dreams of playing in the NBA a reality, there are many of you out there who still have a chance. To make the cut, you’re going to have to train hard, and consistently improve your game. Plus you’ll need all the help you can get. That’s where Hoop Tracker comes into play. Simply strap the watch onto your non shooting wrist, install the shot tracker onto the rim, and you’re ready to hit the hardwood. Now you can figure out just how much all that practice is helping to improve your game. The device will calculate your free throw, field goal and 3 point percentages. You can even upload all of your stats to the website to see an in depth analysis, strengths and weaknesses, and participate in several training programs with the ability to share all of the data through your social networks. There is even a coach mode perfect for analyzing the team’s performance. The Hoop Tracker will hit the retail scene in February of 2014 with price tag of $200. Watch the video below.

Hoop Tracker Basketball Smart Watch 2

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