Honda XR 250 Bypass By Republica Motocicletas

It’s amazing what can happen when a few like-minded guys put their heads together to conceptualize, design, and build custom motorcycles. The team at Republica Motocicletas is just that — a group of friends who started a motorcycle repair shop that’s turned into a widely renowned custom motorcycle fabricator. Their newest offering, a Honda XR 250 dubbed “The Bypass,” is a testament to their unwavering brotherhood.

The single cylinder trail bike takes on an all-new persona with a slew of futuristic design choices. From the cafe-racer styled tail and super slim bridged seat all the way to the flush mounted light cluster and turn signals, the bike was imagined as an aggressive concept that utilized original ideas — rare for a bike of this stature. A repurposed Harley Davidson fender acts as a headlight mount and pairs perfectly with the fuel tank, pulled from a donor 1979 Honda Supersport. The team also made sure to pay close attention to the smaller details of the bike, including custom brake reservoirs and fuel caps, as well as the inclusion of an immaculate gold, silver, and black color scheme.

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