Honda Honors The CB750’s 50th Anniversary With A Retro Race Bike

It’s not exactly out of the ordinary for a company to celebrate the anniversary of its most prominent products; and in many cases, the celebratory release is often directly correlated with the said item. But sometimes, things can get a little confusing.

To celebrate the 1969 release of the CB750, Honda’s genre-defining superbike, the Japanese manufacturer has decided to partner with 5Four Motorcycles for a unique, limited-edition variant. But, in an unforeseen turn of events, the company has tailored the collection’s focus toward the 1980s’ most prolific endurance platforms. To achieve this, they’ve turned to the capable CB1100 RS, calling upon the cycle’s unique architecture to create just 54 commemorative examples. Each bespoke offering features an upgraded Showa suspension, enduro-savvy Renthal handlebars, a retro front cowl, and Racefit exhaust, alongside a set of handcrafted aluminum peripherals to keep the bike’s minimalist design in check. On the exterior, buyers are treated to a classic, 1980s-inspired paint job, combining dazzling reds, blues, and whites with premium Alcantara upholstery. When everything is said and done, the limited-run cycle is slated to clock in at around $19,000 — but sadly, all 54 examples have already been reserved.

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