Honda Super Cub ‘K-Storm’ By K-Speed

Honda has billed their Super Cub as the most popular vehicle in the world. And that’s been backed up by production numbers, as over 100 million have already been built. That certainly qualifies it as an automotive icon in our books. And it takes a master craftsman to take an icon and turn it into something better than timeless — but that’s what K-Speed has managed to do in collaboration with Storm Aeropart with their Honda Super Cub ‘K-Storm’

For being such a small and strange urban daily driver of a bike, the Super Cub is actually pretty good looking — or at least it boasts and owns a style all its own. Luckily, K-Speed managed to embrace that styling while improving upon it tenfold, thanks to additions like carbon fiber accents, sinister-looking disc wheels, telescopic front forks, a Diablo exhaust, and a newly-upholstered premium leather seat. Sometimes we find ourselves thinking that the Super Cub is a little too close to being a scooter for comfort, but K-Speed has definitely turned it into something we’d be proud to ride all day, every day.

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