Differs’ Honda NX650 Dominator Is Right At Home On The Forest Trail

After spending so much time within the custom motorcycle scene, you begin to see a trend. Not only are the industry’s biggest customizers making the majority of the market’s best-looking bikes, but they’ve left little room for up-and-coming talent to nudge its way into the already-established limelight. Luckily, there are still a few companies out there that are willing to do battle against the dying of the light — and Lithuania’s newest discovery, Differs, is one such outfit.

Differs might be fairly new when it comes to bespoke motorcycle builds, but after taking a quick look at the company’s Honda NX650, it’s immediately obvious that they’ve got the chops to make it on the big stage. This beautifully-interpreted cycle is a testament to founder Povilas Vaisiauskas’ modernist ideology and boasts everything from clean-cut line work, gigantic tires, and a sleek, blacked-out orientation, all the way to hand-built body panels, which have been expertly crafted from the ground up. The shop started the project with a complete rebuild of the bike’s four-valve motor, before marrying it to a custom-built exhaust system, complete with a bespoke, SuperTrapp-inspired muffler. To complement the cycle’s standout appearance, aesthetically, a revised tank, suspension, and seat work cohesively alongside a freshly-acquired off-road fender.

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