Honda NX650 Dominator By Asphalt And Gravel

When it comes to motorcycles, especially custom ones, it’s pretty easy to tell which bikes are built for style and which are made for substance. The best, however, blend the two seamlessly — though they are few and far between. This Honda NX650 Dominator by Asphalt and Gravel, we can safely say, certainly falls into that special category.

Built inside an actual rock quarry, this scrambler is certainly no stranger to difficult terrain. And that’s good, considering that its styling is inspired by off-road bikes from the ’70s. You might notice, however, that its present form is a far cry from the original bike — with changes that include swapping the gas tank for one from a 1971 KTM dirt bike, new LED lighting, hand-made side panels, a custom seat, and a new all-black finish. Whoever owns this bike might be afraid to take it out into the dirt, considering how beautiful it is, but that would be a tremendous shame because it seems like it would be a lot of fun. [H/T: Bike EXIF]
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