Honda MSX125 ‘Project GUS’ By Industrial Moto

The creation of Honda’s 2018 MSX125 Grom was a power move by the classic Japanese vehicle manufacturer, introducing a fun but novel machine that would become the basis for a slew of one-off moto builds and modifications. Now, Virginia’s Industrial Moto has taken it upon themselves to introduce a grom-oriented sidecar system to the bike — an off-road ready cart that can store, carry, and transport your vital gear.

The project started with Industrial Moto’s intentional modification of the 125cc cycle — replacing various components such as the seat, exhaust, lights, and plastics to bring the bike in line with their grid-oriented vision. To alleviate the need for an unsightly rack setup, the GUS (or Grom Utility Sidecar) was introduced to the bike, sporting an all-terrain suspension system, Quick Fist clamps, D-rings, and a high ground clearance to navigate troublesome obstacles. Dual LED headlights illuminate the path for riders who prefer the nocturnal hours, while a detachable storage box and accessory mount provide the perfect foundation for gear and utility carry during trips into the wild unknown. But what’s a sidecar without passenger capabilities? Don’t’ worry — Industrial’s GUS also comes with a detachable passenger seat and grab bar for dual ridership. If you’re interested in picking up one of your own, head over to Industrial Moto’s site to inquire.

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