Honda Monkey 125

While there’s plenty of aggressive and futuristic-looking motorcycles coming out of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, this release from Honda looks just plain fun. It’s the newest addition to their range of mini bikes – dubbed the Monkey range – and while it isn’t breaking any groundspeed records anytime soon, it still looks like a great low-risk urban commuter bike.

As you might have guessed, the mini Monkey is powered by a single cylinder 125cc engine. It does, however, get a bit of a modern upgrade via a set of LED lights, a digital instrument panel, USD forks up front and twin shocks out the back for an all-around comfortable ride. There’s also a set of front and rear mudguards for those wetter commutes and the exhaust boasts a heat shield for rider protection and is placed along the rear subframe of the Monkey. Whether this concept goes into production in the near future and will be sold here in the US remains to be seen.

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