Share The Joy Of The Ride With This Honda Grom Sidecar Motorcycle

A few months ago, we showcased an impressive little off-road-ready Honda Grom with a sidecar built for gear-hauling from the folks at Industrial Moto. Turns out that custom motorcycle caught the eye of motorcycle vlogger iamsoulless (real name, Chris), who wanted a similar build. Instead of a storage sidecar, however, Chris wanted one that would allow him to share the joy of the drive with his younger brother Nick, who suffers from Angelman Syndrome.

For those who are unaware, Angelman Syndrome is a nervous system disorder that prevents normal activity, which means that Chris cares for his brother full-time. Being incredibly generous, Tyler Haynes (Industrial’s owner-operator) chose to put together ‘Project Angel’ at-cost, including covering vehicle shipping. Much of the build shares specs with its gear-carrying counterpart — including body modifications and stylistic and tech upgrades. The big difference, however, comes in the sidecar. You see, this one was specifically designed over the course of two months to fit Nick safely and securely. While this bike is, obviously, spoken for, Industrial Moto is offering builds of its predecessor to customers.

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