Honda’s ‘E:Concept’ Is An All-Electric SUV With Next-Gen Driver Assistance Tech

The 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is finally wrapping up, and despite all of the interesting news that’s currently coursing through the veins of the car world, there are a handful of releases worth their weight in gold. The “Honda SUV e:concept” — an updated version of the company’s lauded “e” platform — is one such example.

The SUV e:concept arrives as the second all-electric vehicle from the manufacturer, providing a futuristic look into the direction that Honda’s vehicle can (and will) go in the coming years. It relies on a space-age front fascia that deviates from the larger faces and grilles we’ve seen so far in 2020, aerodynamic side paneling, and a rounded cockpit that’s devoid of any sharp lines. But what makes the e:concept so special is its array of tech features. Honda has unveiled the second-generation of its unique “Sensing” platform, promising cutting-edge driver-assistance systems, omnidirectional ADAS, and decision-making. While there’s still much to learn about the vehicle, information has remained relatively scarce. Head to Honda’s website to learn more about the futuristic SUV.

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