Honda Electric Cub By Shanghai Customs

With more people moving into the city, the demand for small but capable vehicles for commuting on surface roads has gone up. Way up. And this is especially true in Shanghai, China – the city for which this custom Honda eCub was tailor-made.

This small, fun bike had its original engine removed and replaced with a 2,000-Watt hub motor powered by a 1.2 kW battery pack. As a result, this custom electric bike has a solid range of about 31-miles at 31-MPH. While this bike definitely won’t be melting faces with its power or speed, these specs make it perfect for getting around in a dense urban area. More than just being a capable machine, this bike is just damn good-looking. Builder Matthew Waddick covered up parts of the frame once dedicated to holding a petrol engine, and did a fantastic job hiding all of the electrical components to make for a clean, stylish look. In our estimation – more tech oriented electric bike makers could learn a thing or two from Waddick’s eCUB build. New technology doesn’t mean you have to ditch classic styling. [H/T: Bike Exif]
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