Seiko Honors The All-Electric Honda e Car With A Limited-Edition Astron Watch

Not unlike Germany, Japan has developed a world-class reputation for its design and engineering, with products that offer unparalleled performance, functionality, and aesthetics. Two companies that have historically played a substantial role in the island’s reputation are Honda Motor and Seiko, which have just come together to introduce a limited-edition timepiece commemorating the release of Big Red’s new Honda E.

Dubbed the Honda e x Seiko Astron SBXC075, the watch retains the normal Astron’s GPS Solar movement and 45mm titanium housing, though has been treated to a myriad of aesthetic tweaks inspired by the forthcoming electric car model, including a tuxedo ceramic-coated case and dial. The hour markers and case back are modeled after the ten-arm stock wheels on the Honda e, while the Lumibrite adorning the dial’s inspired by the EV’s circular LED headlights. Alongside the regular black band, Seiko’s also selling the watch with a second strap made from the same fabric material used in the Honda e’s interior. Furthermore, the SBXC075 is sold inside a wooden gift box matching the wood grain decorating the car’s dash. Limited to 300 units in total, the Honda e x Seiko Astron SBXC075 is available for preorder now, with pricing set at $5,100.

Purchase: $5,100