Honda CX500 Type 8 by Auto Fabrica

When it come to motorcycle design, simplicity and aerodynamics go hand-in-hand. So when Auto Fabrica decided to tune-up an old Honda CX500, they were pleasantly surprised with the smooth lines the CX500 featured once it was stripped down to the frame. In fact, a simple cleaning was all it needed before figuring out complementary bodywork.

For Auto Fabrica, a hand-beaten aluminum tank added a streamlined appearance to the bike, flowing naturally into its resting place. The front is a CB450 19-inch unit, and the rear’s a 16-inch rim fit to a Honda hub. The engine was rebuilt with gas flowed heads for an extra boost and the carbs reconditioned and rejetted to run foam filters. The exhaust system was also hand bent from 316 stainless steel. Any unnecessary element on the CX500 was smoothened out in one way or another to give the final design an almost liquid appearance. It’s now featured in an exhibition in Geneva that honors mechanical art, hosted by watchmaker MB&F.

Honda CX500 Type 8 by Auto Fabrica 2

Honda CX500 Type 8 by Auto Fabrica 3

Honda CX500 Type 8 by Auto Fabrica 4