The Custom Honda CX500 ‘Sfida’ Is A Bold Bespoke Blacktop Challenger

Differentiation is the key to originality, and one of the most prevalent mediums to see this notion in practice just so happens to be the world of customized motorcycle platforms. While each builder may conceive a project that’s outwardly unique, the ambition behind that said project may deviate; but, for the most part, the industry’s less-experienced modifiers stick to what’s safe. That isn’t the case with the Sfida — a beautiful, but abnormal Honda CX500 crafted by the talented Raffaele Gallo of Officine Uragani.

The Italian-born builder set out to create something visually astounding when he adopted this specific 1980s Honda platform for his next project. Dubbing it the Challenger (or Sfida in Italian), Gallo took the road-less-traveled to create something unique and aggressive. To start, custom-made aluminum bodywork and a bespoke suspension system comprised of retrofitted 50mm Showa forks were added to give the cycle a sleek, angular persona. A carbon fiber tail, inserts, and canards have been introduced to provide a shadowy contrast to the Sfida’s cleanly-tailored and recessed cockpit, working alongside various cafe-esque upgrades like a perspex-cut LED headlamp, minimal windscreen, and built-in LED taillights to give it an aura of classic character. The best part? The bike’s stock frame hasn’t been touched, meaning that this contemporary racer is an enigma when it comes to modified magnificence.

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