Honda CX500 ‘Bumblebee’ By Garth Allison

While we’re huge fans of the burgeoning custom motorcycle builder scene, we still like seeing non-shop builds now and again – even if to just bolster out confidence that we, too, could build our own bike (rather than buying one). And this Honda CX500 built by Garth Allison is one such inspiring bike.

Originally a wreck found in the town of Casino, Australia, this Sasha Lakic-inspired build took Allison three years to complete – but a single glance ensures us that it was all worth it. The modifications were extensive – including swapping out the forks for ones from a Yamaha R1, custom-built black-anodized spoked wheels, and a stripped down powder-coated matte black frame. He even did up the engine in a Ducati NCR-inspired colorway. To save on weight even more, Allison built a new seat base and finished it with a Buell carbon fiber ducktail. We’ve heard it said that the devil is in the details; if that’s the case, then this bike came straight out of hell. [H/T: ROTCR]