Honda CX500 BT-01 By Sacha Lakic

Back in February of 2016 designer Sacha Lakic launched Blacktrack Motors – a motorcycle workshop that allowed him to manifest his love for cafe racers into authentic one-of-a-kind rides. Now, the brand’s flagship model, dubbed the BT-01, looks to serve as a hopeful harbinger for what Blacktrack has up its sleeves.

For his canvas, Lakic decided upon the classic CX500 with the initial goal being to strip the bike of its nonessentials and turn it into a more compact and agile riding machine. Because of his affinity for Honda’s already stock V-twin engine, Lakic decided to keep what clearly works for the ride while adding a magnificent two-in-one exhaust system to help the beast breathe easy. Also on the docket here is a custom fuel tank that helps show off the engine, a modified single-seater configuration, and he color-coded the whole piece with handsome matte black, red, and aluminum for good measure.

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