Honda CT750 ‘Junior’ Scrambler by Classified Moto

As far as recognizable aesthetics are concerned, Classified Moto is one aftermarket shop we can spot from a mile away – which is a damn-good sign if you ask us. Such is the case with this mini-scrambler, built out in iconic Classified Moto style with an extra bit of off-road sauce added to the mix for good measure.

Obviously what had initially started off as a ’91 Honda Scrambler CT70 has now been given the “treatment” by the Richmond, VA workshop. It’s a loosely-interpreted version of a previous build – dubbed “Frank” – they completed last year in conjunction with Rebel Yell Bourbon. From here, they worked to complete this setup by stripping the frame, adding a custom seat that now flips up for refueling, some fat tires for doing wheelies, canister shocks at the rear and the iconic yellowed headlight up front for some additional appeal. Check out the video below to see Junior in action.

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