Therapy Garage Updates Honda’s Trail 70 With Modern Grom Components

While its one of the most-fondly-remembered additions to Honda’s iconic CT series, the Trail 70 has grown pretty long in the tooth over the years, with dated suspension and a severely-under-powered engine. Wanting to give the CT70 a contemporary makeover without losing its distinct charm, Traverse City, Michigan-based custom motorcycle outfit, Therapy Garage has turned to Honda’s modern-day small-displacement platform: the Grom, taking elements from both models to create a single machine offering the best of both worlds.

Therapy Garage has plucked the original 72cc mill from the Trail 70’s pressed steel chassis and replaced it with Grom’s eighth-liter single. The CT70’s also been given the Grom’s inverted front-end, swing-arm, and mono-shock, as well as the front brake setup. Now fitted with a pod filter and a tiny custom exhaust, the Grom’s 125cc mill has been hit with a coat of gloss black is protected behind a custom skid plate. There’s also new fenders front and back, an LED headlight, and chumps-style handlebars that have been anodized in blue to match the bespoke stitching on the build’s one-off scrambler-style saddle, mono-shock spring, and the Trail 70 badges on the Honda’s custom livery. To see more, check out the shop’s website linked below.

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