Honda CM400 Alligator by Matteucci Garage

Marco from Matteucci Garage doesn’t mess around when it comes to custom builds. We mean this in that in a world of builders who too often play it safe in their methods, Marco works to produce a calm aesthetic that’s completely innovative on its own accord. This build in particular, called the Alligator, is one such example.

Based off of a Honda CM400, a bike known for its resilience, Marco’s build maintains the capability of multi-terrain use. The motivation probably comes from quality of the Italian roads, which are mostly unpaved, especially between the Adriatic coast and the Apennine Mountain range where Matteucci Garage happens to be situated.

For the build, Marco stripped down the entire donor bike before adding a Ducati front end and painting the chunky USD fork bronze to match the Brembo brake disc centre. Marco took care of all the paintwork for the bike as well. Scallops were hammered out of the stock fuel tank and then spliced into the sides and painted flat olive green. He also added a leather saddle to the seat and positioned the build atop a pair of 970 Series Progressive Suspension shocks. Black Comstar wheels with Heidenau dual-sport rubber also assists the rider whenever they desire to head off the asphalt. The final product? An unassuming minimalist Scrambler that’s fit for the Italian countryside. We’ll take it.

Honda CM400 Alligator by Matteucci Garage 1

Honda CM400 Alligator by Matteucci Garage 3

Honda CM400 Alligator by Matteucci Garage 4

Honda CM400 Alligator by Matteucci Garage 5